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MINUTES OF April 29, 2004


ROLL CALL:  Present -         Nicholas Latham,  Chair

                                                D. Nels Reese

                                                Paul Jensen

                                                Stan Cole

                                                R. G. Nelson

                                                Alan Giltzow


ALSO PRESENT:                   Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                                Cherie Simpson

VIA TELEPHONE:                 Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                                Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney


The meeting was called to order at 8:07 a.m. by Chair, Nicholas Latham.  Roll call:  R. G. Nelson, Stan Cole, Nels Reese, Paul Jensen, Nicholas Latham, and Alan Giltzow.  Shelly Servick-Frampton was present as incoming board member replacing R.G. Nelson.  Bureau staff present:  Rayola Jacobsen, Roger Hales and Cherie Simpson.    

Ms. Jacobsen presented copies of the rules that passed this last session.  The legislative report outlined the legislative process and stated that the rules were not rejected by the legislature. 

Mr. Jensen addressed electronic practice and collaboration with unlicensed architects when working with prototypical plans (i.e. McDonalds, etc).  Responsible control was discussed.  Idaho Codes 54-307(2) and 54-309(2)f. outline supervision or control.  Mr. Giltzow will discuss responsible control with Peter Rasmussen of NCARB for suggested enforcement with Idaho laws.  

Mr. Nelson stated that the IBC (International Building Code) defines “Design Professionals” as Engineers and Architects.  The amendments were distributed to each member of the Board for review.  Mr. Latham stated that the Board would schedule a conference call in the next two weeks to gain Board response. 

Minutes of the February 20, 2004 meeting were reviewed.  Moved by Mr. Giltzow that minutes be approved as posted.  Seconded by Mr. Nelson, carried. 

Ms. Jacobsen distributed the Investigative Report.  There were three complaints received in FY 2002 with one open; six complaints received in FY 2003 with four open; sixteen complaints received in FY 2004 with 15 still open.  Ms. Jacobsen explained the process that is being done that will hopefully bring the complaints up to date. 

Mr. Hales was present by telephone at 9:30 a.m. to discuss legal issues in proposed laws and rules.  Proposed changes to Idaho Codes 54-302 and 54-309(2)c were discussed.  Discussion was held on 54-302 which would increase the experience required for examination without an approved degree.  Mr. Hales will draft a couple proposals that will include the IDP after completion of eight years of experience.  The proposals will be distributed to the Board for review.  Mr. Giltzow asked the Board to consider other issues that may come about in regards to non-accredited degrees. 

Discussion was held on the grace period for CE -  Moved by Mr. Giltzow that the Bureau proceed with a temporary rule making continuing education effective January 1, 2005 and that notification be sent to all licensees.  Seconded by Mr. Jensen, carried with Mr. Reese being absent. 

Discussion was held on procedures if the Board or a member of the Board were to be sued for filing a complaint.  Mr. Hales will research what the procedure would be and what the Boards limitations are.  Mr. Hales felt that there should be some type of immunity, but that he would need to research ways and means. 

Architect emeritus language will be drafted and reviewed during the conference call when scheduled. 

The IBC draft will be forwarded to Mr. Hales so that he can review and determine whether the Board can give their seal of approval. 

Moved by Mr. Cole that Board go into executive session to discuss matters not subject to public disclosure.  Seconded by Mr. Giltzow, carried. 

Moved by Mr. Nelson that Board come out of executive session.  Seconded by Mr. Giltzow, carried. 

Moved by Mr. Giltzow that license be issued to William Zmistowski with the Board reserving the right to review his prior practice as set forth in his application for licensure.  Seconded by Mr. Nelson, carried. 

Mr. Nelson explained to Mr. Hales that he was in attendance at a meeting in north Idaho with members of the engineering board and he was told that engineers designing buildings are actually practicing architecture and complaints would need to be filed with the Board of Architecture.  Mr. Hales will follow up with Dave Curtis, Executive Director of Idaho Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. 

The Board budget was discussed.  Ms. Jacobsen explained that the Governor’s office and then JFAC committee must approve any increase in appropriations. 

Break at 11:00 for 15 minutes. 

Ms. Jacobsen presented the financial report to the Board.  Copies were distributed to members of the Board.  Ms. Jacobsen reported that due to the Bureau gaining another Board the costs for the Board should be reduced.  Projected costs were discussed regarding the NCARB meeting to be held June, 2004 in Portland.  Ms. Simpson will check with the hotel about direct billing and send registration fees for those wishing to attend.  Mr. Latham explained to Ms. Servick-Frampton the benefits of attending the NCARB and WCARB meetings. 

Break for lunch until 1:00. 

Discussion was resumed on the budget.  Moved by Mr. Nelson that the Board ask the Bureau for a budget of $112,000 in the next fiscal year with an additional $3000.00 to be used for continuing education and education to be determined at a later date for a total of $115,000.  Seconded by Ms. Giltzow, carried. 

Draft copies of the annual report were distributed for review.  Mr. Latham recommended that the members of the Board take the articles with them and mark up (edit, correct, or add) to be reviewed during upcoming conference call. 

Estimated cost for the annual report was reviewed.  Printing for 1500 newsletters with six pages would run $419; 1500 annual reports with eight pages would run $555.  Moved by Mr. Nelson to approve cost to date for annual report with a revision in Ms. Nothern’s cost.   Seconded by Mr. Jensen, carried. 

Election of Officers 

Moved by Mr. Giltzow that Stan Cole be Chair for the next year.  Seconded by Mr. Jensen, carried.  Moved by Mr. Cole that Mr. Giltzow be vice-chair for the next years.  Seconded by Mr. Jensen, carried. 

Moved by Mr. Jensen that Mr. Latham be the NCARB delegate for reimbursement to the NCARB meeting in Portland.  Seconded by Mr. Giltzow, carried. 

Mr. Cole will attend the meeting of the Board of Professional Engineers June 11th and 12th in Boise.  

Moved by Mr. Giltzow that the meeting adjourn at 2:35 p.m.  Seconded by Mr. Jensen, carried.

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