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MINUTES OF February 20, 2004


The meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m. by Chair, Nicholas Latham.  Roll call:  R. G. Nelson, Stan Cole, Nels Reese, Paul Jensen, Nicholas Latham, and Alan Giltzow.  Bureau staff present:  Rayola Jacobsen, Roger Hales and Cherie Simpson.    

Moved by Mr. Giltzow to approve minutes of December 5, 2003 as submitted.  Seconded by Mr. Cole, carried.  

Ms. Jacobsen presented the legislative report.  The pending rules have not been rejected and are expected to be in force upon adjournment of the legislature.  She explained that there is legislation that will bring another Board under the umbrella of the Bureau.  Ms. Jacobsen and Mr. Hales explained the necessity for the legislation that would give the Bureau the ability to obtain records necessary for use in investigations.  The Board was advised that the transition to the birthday expiration/renewal of licenses is going very well and there have been no concerns brought to the attention of the Bureau. 

Ms. Jacobsen presented the investigative report.  Discussion was held on the complaints still under investigation.  Moved by Mr. Jensen that the investigation from 2002 involving a draftsman who has work stamped by an engineer be referred to the Board of Professional Engineers.  Seconded by Mr. Cole with Mr. Giltzow voting nay.  Mr. Jensen moved that a letter be sent to the draftsman explaining the laws governing architecture and cautioning him against violations of the law.  Seconded by Mr. Cole with Mr. Gilzow voting nay.  The Board would like summaries for the complaints that can be published for the public.  Mr. Nelson suggested that the complaint process and the Boards role in the process be written out to assist new board members in understanding the Administrative Procedures Act.  Send the investigative report to the Board when it is available. 

Ms. Jacobsen presented the financial report.  The budget looks as if it will carry through the fiscal year.  Ms. Jacobsen explained that she is holding back on travel to save money and because her time is tight right now with the new board.  Discussion was held on the NCARB meeting to be held in June, 2004.  Ms. Jacobsen stated that she would consider attending NCARB as the costs should be low and the information from this meeting would warrant the expense.  Discussion was held on the budget and the $3000.00 that is budgeted each year for educational purposes.   The Board discussed a contribution to the University of Idaho for the Louie Kahn film that is being sought by the University. 

Moved by Mr. Giltzow that the Board go into executive session to consider matters exempt from public disclosure.  Seconded by Mr. Cole, carried. 

Moved by Mr. Giltzow that Board come out of executive session.  Seconded by Mr. Cole, carried. 

Moved by Mr. Cole that the Bureau should review and bring a proposal to the Board on the use of a pro-reviewer for the investigative process.  Seconded by Mr. Giltzow, carried. 

Moved by Mr. Cole that if it is determined that University of Idaho needs additional funding for the Louie Kahn film and the film can be distributed statewide for educational use open to the public the Board would like to contribute up to $500.00.  Seconded by Mr. Jensen, carried. 

Moved by Mr. Nelson that the Board direct that a letter be sent to AR3403-WZ requesting submission of the document for Board review regarding the project in Idaho referenced in the letter submitted with his application.  In addition, the applicant must meet with the Board at the May meeting in person or by telephone conference call.  Seconded by Mr. Cole, carried. 

Discussion was held on proposed legislation for 2005 session.  54-312 - emeritus status language - Mr. Hales will draft a proposal and bring it back to the Board in May.  The law will provide the basis for rules.  Seconded by Mr. Giltzow, carried. 

Mr. Hales gave a report to the Board on the status of the complaints put together by Mr. Nelson.  It was reported that Mr. Hales has a meeting scheduled with Mr. Curtis of the Board of Professional Engineers on February 26, 2004 to discuss the complaints.  The Board requested that Mr. Hales relay the Boards desire to pursue joint meetings with the Board of Professional Engineers. 

Responsible control was discussed in relation to 54-307.2 and 54-309.2.f.   Mr. Hales suggested clarifying expert consultation language.  Tabled until April meeting. 

The next meeting of the Board will be April 29th beginning at 8:00 a.m. at the U of I in Moscow, Idaho.  

Mr. Reese left the meeting at 12:30 p.m. 

Moved by Mr. Jensen to adjourn for lunch.  Seconded by Mr. Cole, carried. 

Meeting reconvened at 1:48 p.m. 

The Board requested that notices be sent to all licensed architects when the rules become effective and regarding effective date for continuing education.  Conference call will be scheduled when the legislature adjourns to discuss temporary rule. 

Melinda Nothern was in attendance to discuss the layout and material for the Boards Annual Report.  Various papers and colors were discussed.  The Board presented the articles they had prepared for the report.  These will be forwarded to Ms. Nothern for a layout draft.  The Board will review the draft at their meeting in April.  Moved by Mr. Cole that Ms. Nothern be retained as the Boards annual report coordinator.  Seconded by Mr. Giltzow, carried. 

Mr. Nelson was presented with a crystal vase in appreciation for his ten years of service to the Board of Architectural Examiners. 

Applications were reviewed and wall certificates were signed. 

Meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m. 

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