Idaho State Board of Architectural Examiners
Bureau of Occupational Licenses
1109 Main Street, Suite 220
Boise, Idaho 83702-5642
(208) 334-3233

MINUTES OF October 2, 2003


ROLL CALL: Present   Nicholas Latham, Chair

                             Alan Giltzow

                                        D. Nels Reese

                                        R.G. Nelson

            Absent                Paul Jensen

                                         Stan Cole


ALSO PRESENT:    Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

    Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                 Cherie Simpson, Administrative Assistant


Call commenced at 12:05 p.m. mdt.  Roll call was held. 

Proposed rules as published in the rules were reviewed.  It was stated that the published rules met with the Boards approval.  Discussion was held on the implementation of the continuing education requirements. 

Applicant for license by endorsement with Wisconsin was reviewed.  The Board asked that more information be obtained on the applicants work experience for review at the December 5, 2003 meeting. 

Discussion as held on the laws and rules that deal with licensure by endorsement.  The law allows for endorsement with an NCARB certificate, the rules allow an equivalency for NCARB certificate.  Discussion will continue at the December meeting with legal counsel present. 

Mr. Nelson explained that he has not yet put together the complaints to the Board of Professional Engineer and Land Surveyors.  He will work on it during the next week and get the complaints submitted. 

It was noted that there was an AIA meeting to be held in Sun Valley October 10, 2003.  Mr. Latham will attend the meeting. 

Call adjourned at 12:45 mdt. 

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