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MINUTES OF May 2, 2003


Roll Call – Nicholas Latham called the meeting to order in the Quaking Aspen Room of the Commons on the campus of the University of Idaho in Moscow at 8:10am PDT. 

Those present were Board members Nicholas Latham, Nels Reese, R.G. Nelson, Alan Giltzow, Paul Jensen, and Bureau Deputy Chief Budd Hetrick.

The minutes of the 4/11/2003 board meeting were discussed. Mr. Giltzow asked that the reference to him be deleted from the discussion on the newsletter. Mr. Latham instructed that the entry be edited to read “newsletter will be further discussed at following meeting.” 

Mr. Reese moved to approve minutes with noted corrections; Second by Mr. Giltzow; Passed. 

The Board discussed the complaint process as it relates to the public records law and the Board’s need for information.  Mr. Hetrick reviewed the complaint process and noted that direction from the Board is always sought regarding complaints within the Board’s jurisdiction.  He stated that the Bureau does not routinely close complaints without Board approval. 


The Board reviewed and discussed the draft rules for continuing education. Mr. Nelson presented his draft of proposed changes that was also discussed.  Mr. Nelson will prepare a copy for review by Roger Hales & the Bureau.  A draft will also be sent to each board member to review and discuss at the next meeting. 

Mr. Nelson reported on the unlawful practice of architecture. It was determined that, in the case of other licensed professionals, the Board will submit complaints to Mr. Hales who will prepare a cover letter and send the complaints to the appropriate Board.  Individual Board members may also submit complaints directly to the Bureau regarding architects, or unlicensed persons, who are alleged to be stamping plans, or otherwise practicing, unlawfully. 

The newsletter was discussed. The Board reviewed the possibility of posting a newsletter or periodic articles from the Board on the website. Further discussion was tabled until the next meeting. 

Roger Hales was contacted by phone and responded to questions concerning draft rules and the filing of complaints concerning other Boards.       



The exemption language was discussed.  Mr. Nelson proposed amending 54-309.02.c. to read as follows:

The rendering of any architectural service required in the erection, enlargement, alteration, or repair of any building, where such building is to be, or is used as a single or multiple family residence not exceeding three (3) units or two (2) stories in height, or as a farm building; or for the purpose of outbuildings or auxiliary buildings in connection with such residential or farm premises.


Discussion was held and it was noted that three units is the standard used by the Fair Housing Act.  Mr. Giltzow moved to have the Bureau draft the proposed change for next year’s legislature; Second by Mr. Jensen; Passed. 

Discussion was held on 54-302.b. regarding the 8-year experience requirement in lieu of a degree. Other state requirements were also reviewed, and many have already raised the experience requirement, due to the national push to increase the education requirement from a 4-year degree to a 6-year degree.  The Board agreed that such a change would prevent Idaho from becoming a dumping ground for those who cannot meet licensure requirements anywhere else. Mr. Nelson moved to have the Bureau draft the proposed change to increase the 8-year requirement to 12 years for next year’s legislature; Second by Mr. Reese; Passed. 

Mr. Hetrick presented the financial report noting that the Board has overspent its budget by $3587.00 to date.  The Board was advised that overspending used appropriations allocated to other Boards. Mr. Hetrick reviewed the differences between “appropriation” and “cash balance,” and advised the Board that travel reimbursements might be delayed until next fiscal year, based on available funds.  The Board discussed travel and the importance of sending the entire Board to the national and regional meetings.  The Board discussed the possibility of increasing their budget to allow for additional travel, and to provide $3500 annually for the education of architects. The Board also asked for a copy of the last budget request form, as well as a new form to review. 

The Board reviewed the applicant files. 

The next meeting was scheduled for September 12, 2003 at the Bureau. 

Mr. Nelson moved to adjourn; Second by Mr. Giltzow; Passed. 

Meeting adjourned at 12:10pm PDT

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