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ROLL CALL: Present   R.G. Nelson, Chairman; Alan Giltzow; Raymond Hudson; Stan Cole; D. Nels Reese; Nicholas Latham

ALSO PRESENT:          Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief; Cherie Simpson, Secretary

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Stan Cole at 9:00 a.m. in the

Panorama Room of the Commons Building at University of Idaho in Moscow. 

Moved by Mr. Hudson to approve minutes of February 8, 2002 meeting as submitted.  Seconded by Mr. Giltzow, carried. 

Ms. Jacobsen presented the financial report and discussion was held.  Mr. Nelson asked whether honorariums could be paid for attending NCARB committee meetings when the board members are also members of the committees.  Moved by Mr. Nelson that Board members be reimbursed honorarium for attendance at NCARB committee meetings, retroactively if possible, for current fiscal year.  Seconded by Mr. Giltzow, carried.

Discussion was held on a proposed law that would require continuing education for license renewal.  Moved by Mr. Nelson to approve the proposed statute change (54-312.3) for presentation to the legislature as drafted.  Seconded by Mr. Giltzow, carried.  Discussion was held on continuing education as it pertains to AIA and NCARB.  It was stated that on-line or distance learning would be good for the rural communities, that AIA attendance would be permissible, University or College credits or classes that pertain to Health, Safety, and Welfare would also be permissible. 

Discussion was held on examination failure and what avenues are open for review of failed examinations by applicants.  A policy change was recommended that would initiate an appeal process for candidates wishing a review of a failed examination.  Candidates would pay the cost of the review.  The process is as follows:  Complete the necessary forms from the ARE Manual, Section 9; send $300.00 to NCARB with forms; review will be monitored by an NCARB official, with one board member and the candidate in a secure location of the Board’s choice.  The candidate will not be allowed to discuss points with those present and there is no appeal process.

Certificates were signed and application files were reviewed.

Meetings were scheduled for September 20th in Boise, December 6 in Boise, and February 21 in Sun Valley,

Meeting ended at 12:30 p.m. pdt.

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