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MINUTES OF September 10, 1999

Sun Valley Inn, Sun Valley, Idaho

ROLL CALL: R. G. Nelson; Ronald Bevans; Alan Giltzow; Raymond Hudson; James McLaughlin; Stan Cole

ALSO PRESENT: Carmen Westberg, Bureau Chief; Budd A. Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief; Chairman R.G. Nelson called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.


Minutes of the May 21, 1999 board meeting, June 10, 1999 conference call, and August 6, 1999 conference call were reviewed. Mr. McLaughlin moved to approve; Mr. Hudson seconded; motion carried.


Financial Report

Ms. Westberg presented the financial report and it was accepted by the Board. The Board would like to see Year-to-date headings on the budget report.


The proposed contract was presented to the Board. Mr. McLaughlin moved to have the chairman review and sign the contract if it meets his approval when addendum is finalized. Mr. Bevans seconded; motion carried.


The new law and rule format was presented to the Board. The Board prefers the new, smaller version.

Motion by Mr. Hudson the change rule 300 (01) e. to read "qualification required by current NCARB handbook for architects & interns" to replace "NCARB circular of information #1, appendix A; seconded by Mr. Cole; motion carried.

Board reviewed application for licensure and examination.

The Board requested that Roger Hales draft a letter to Deaton & Company noting that the Board cannot provide legal counsel to private parties and recommend they contact their own attorney.

Ned Nelson appeared before the Board to request reinstatement of his Idaho architects license no. AR-1327. Motion by Mr. Bevans to reinstate Mr. Nelsonís license; seconded by Mr. Giltzow; motion carried.


The Board determined that the current policy of the Board of Engineers is acceptable, if legal sees no problem.


Motion by Mr. McLaughlin that the Board contact four graphic designers for proposals to design a new architect licensure wall certificate for review at their November meeting; seconded by Mr. Hudson, carried. Mr. Giltzow, Mr. Cole, and Mr. Nelson will provide names to the Bureau so that the Bureau can send letters requesting proposal, time to complete and firm information.

Example of similar work if possible. Note deadline for proposals 10/31/99.


The Board requested that Roger Hales write a letter to Mr. Windley regarding the matter of the Board receiving no response on the issue of the Interior Architecture program at University of Idaho. The issue was to be presented to the State Board of Education. The Board has received no response from the Board of Education and the Board would like a response. Should a response not be forthcoming, the Board is prepared to seek legal remedies to address this issue.

Mr. Hales to put in appropriate verbiage.

Date of the next meeting is November 5, 1999 in Boise.

Motion by Mr. Giltzow to adjourn; seconded by Mr. McLaughlin; carried.


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