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MINUTES OF May 21, 1999

ROLL CALL: R. G. Nelson; Ronald Bevans; Alan Giltzow; Raymond Hudson; James McLaughlin; Stan Cole

ALSO PRESENT: Carmen Westberg, Bureau chief; Budd A. Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief; John Kersey, Supervising Investigator; Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney; Kirsten Wallace, Deputy Attorney General; Cherie Simpson, Administrative Assistant, I

Chairman R.G. Nelson called the meeting to order at 9:08 a.m.


Minutes of the February 26, 1999 board meeting were reviewed. Mr. McLaughlin moved to approve; Mr. Bevans seconded; motion carried.


Financial report

Ms. Westberg reported that the Board had a sizable balance, which was reported at $172,000. The Board discussed ways to reduce the cash balance and asked that a report be prepared for the February, 2000 meeting. The report should estimate the effects of a temporary reduction in renewal fees and a permanent reduction in renewal fees.


The contract is still being written and revised. Mr. Hales has the contract for review. Mr. McLaughlin moved that Mr. Nelson review the finalized contract and, if acceptable, sign on behalf of the Board; Mr. Hudson seconded, motion carried.


Mr. Hetrick distributed the proposed application for licensure for review. Mr. McLaughlin moved that Mr. Hetrick prepare two different forms on different colors of paper one for examination and one for reciprocity; Mr. Hudson seconded, motion carried. Mr. Hetrick advised that since the application would be available on the web site, the color of the submitted application could not be controlled.

Mr. Hetrick discussed the issue of renewal notices. The Bureau is returning a large number of renewal notices due to incomplete forms. Both questions on the form are not always being answered. Formatting could be the problem and will be corrected for next years renewal.

Mr. Hetrick asked the Board to clarify the application fees charged for endorsement applications fees. After review with legal counsel, the Board advised the fee for endorsement applications will be $150.00.

The Board also discussed the fee for a temporary permit. Motion by Mr. Giltzow to charge $50.00 for a temporary permit for architects; seconded by Mr. McLaughlin, carried. Mr. Hales was asked to research the necessity of clarifying the fee rules and advise the Board.


Mr. Hales discussed the stamping of drawings for the Division of Public Works. Mr. Hales and Ms. Westberg will meet with Pam Ahrens to work toward resolving the issue.

Discussion was held on the phrase "Architectural Interior Design" for the interior design profession. Mr. Bevans will check how many universities use this terminology for the training of interior designers. Mr. Giltzow and Mr. Cole will attend the next Interior Design Association meeting and give a report at the next meeting.


Mr. Kersey distributed the investigative report and summarized the findings on the report.


Discussion was held on the appearance of the wall certificates provided by the Board to licensed architects. Motion by Mr. Cole that the wall certificates be redesigned; seconded by Mr. Hudson, carried. The Bureau will send a letter to each state requesting copies of the wall certificates currently used for review at the next meeting.

Adjourned for lunch at 12:00. Reconvened at 1:00 p.m.


Discussion was held on the policies of the building departments in regards to the stamping of the drawings submitted for approval. The Board felt that an informational letter from the Board would assist the building officials when reviewing plans. Mr. McLaughlin drew up a cover letter, defining the practices of engineers and architects, to send to building officials throughout the state. The Board asked Mr. Hales to work on a packet of information for the building officials to go with the cover letter prepared by Mr. McLaughlin. When completed the information will be distributed to the Board who may need to schedule a conference call to implement.


Motion by Mr. McLaughlin that all members of the Board who wish to attend the annual meeting in South Carolina do so with the fees reimbursed and honorarium paid to include Ms. Westberg; seconded by Mr. Hudson, carried.


Letter from Donald Daniels, A.I.A., from Texas was read regarding the legality of making revisions to existing plans, for adaptation at different sites. Legal counsel advised that the person performing such work in Idaho would have to be Idaho licensed. The Board confirmed that the revised plans would have to be stamped by the reviser, who would assume responsibility for the project. The Board confirmed that an architect may stamp only those plans prepared under his immediate and responsible direction (note Rule 550.02 & 04). The Board directed Mr. Hales to draft a letter to be sent to Mr. Daniels which outlines the requirements of Idaho law.

The Board discussed a request for the consideration of legislation requiring all architects to enter into a formal contract with all clients. The Board took no action.

The next board meeting was scheduled for September 10, 1999.

Applications were reviewed.

Motion to adjourn by Mr. McLaughlin; seconded by Mr. Hudson, carried.

Approved 09/10/99

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