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MINUTES OF February 26, 1999

ROLL CALL: R.G. Nelson, Chairman; Ronald Bevans; Alan Giltzow; Raymond Hudson; James McLaughlin

ALSO PRESENT: Carmen Westberg, Bureau Chief; Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney; Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief; John Kersey, Supervising Investigator; Ruth Swan-Brown, Senior Secretary

Chairman R.G. Nelson called the meeting to order at 9:10 a.m.


Minutes of the November 13, 1998 Board meeting were reviewed. Mr. Bevans moved to approve; Mr. McLaughlin seconded; motion carried.


Financial Report

Ms. Westberg reported the Board had a healthy balance, which was reported as $182,980.

The Board confirmed their previous decision to set the upcoming renewal fee at $50.00.

Ms. Westberg noted that next years budget had also been approved.


Ms. Westberg reported that the bill authorizing action against unlicensed practiced was pulled from consideration due to a lack of legislative support. The rule authorizing the Board to assess disciplinary fines and recover costs of investigations and prosecutions was approved.


Ms. Westberg reported that the contract was under revision by the Attorney General's office and, upon completion, would be circulated to the Board.


Web Page

Mr. Hetrick reported the Board's web page was up and running, including links to other appropriate sites. The Board asked that a page be added to address "ten most asked questions."

Renewal Form

Mr. Hetrick presented examples of the new renewal form for the Board's review. The Board recommended the renewal form include the affidavit of felony and misdemeanor convictions, to be signed by the licensee, and notice of the requirement to notify the board of changes in firm personnel, etc. A revised form was presented and approved.


Mr. Hetrick presented copies of the proposed Bureau application for licensure and the proposed NCARB application for endorsement. The Board discussed NCARB's application noting concern with use of the terms "Reciprocity/Comity" and the wording of the affidavit to include "or solicit". Mr. Hetrick advised that he would submit the Board's requests to NCARB.

The Board discussed the proposed Bureau application. Mr. Bevans asked that the application include assurance of compliance with the seismic requirement. Mr. Giltzow recommended the words "or solicit" be added to the affidavit. The Board then reviewed the Bureau form with the revisions suggested. Mr. Giltzow moved approval of the Bureau form as amended and the NCARB form if suggested wording as noted; Mr. McLaughlin seconded; motion passed.


The Board asked Mr. Hales for a determination on using firm names that do not include the name of a licensed architect. Mr. Hales noted the law requirement that architectural firms conducting business in Idaho must employ Idaho licensed architects. He maintained that if the architectural firm name contained individual's names, said names must be Idaho licensed architects. Mr. Hales confirmed that an architect license was issued to individuals and not firms. He noted the law also requires that firms notify the Board of any status changes in those persons involved in the firm.

The Board asked Mr. Hales for a determination on whether of not an architect's seal must contain the name of the firm for which the architect practiced. Mr. Hales reiterated that Idaho architect licenses were issued to individuals, not firms, and that the seal is for the individual architect and not a firm., Mr. Hales agreed to prepare and circulate a letter, addressing both the firm name and seal issue, to the Board.

Mr. Hales reported on the issue of double-stamping. He noted that Joanna Guilfoy, the Deputy Attorney General for Public Works, had reviewed his letter on the Board's decision and had determined that their position would not change on the issue. Mr. Hales recommended either let the matter die or pursue an official Attorney General's Opinion.

Subsequent to Board discussion, Mr. Hudson moved that Ms. Westberg and Mr. Hales draft a request to the Attorney General for an official opinion on the issue of double-stamping; Mr. Bevans seconded; motion passed.

Mr. Hales reported that the University of Idaho refused to allow Mr. Hales a place on the Board of Regents meeting to discuss their use of the title Interior Architecture for their degree program. Mr. Hales read the letter received from the University, noting that they would further review the Board's concerns. Mr. Giltzow asked that a letter be sent to Paul Windley, Dean of the College of Architecture, outlining the Board's concerns, noting the Board considers the matter to be serious, asking for a change in the degree name, and requesting a response.


Complaint Report

Mr. Kersey reported that all complaints had been investigated and closed, and no new complaints had been received.

The Board asked about the complaint process regarding unlawful advertising. Mr. Kersey stated that a letter always goes to the respondent advising of the violation and requesting documentation showing corrections or agreements to cease unlawful practice. Subsequent to discussion, the Board asked that the Deputy Attorney General notify the appropriate local prosecutor of any unlicensed practice discovered through the complaint process.

The Board asked if complaints referred to the Engineering Board were followed up on. Mr. Kersey reported that once the complaint was forwarded, the Bureau did not track that board's process.

The Board reviewed an anonymous letter from the Twin Falls area complaining that draftsmen practicing architecture continued to practice. Mr. Kersey reported that several complaints had been received concerning such practice, and had been fully investigated.

It was noted that draftsmen and designers are not prohibited from practicing or advertising within the limits of their respective practices.


Mr. Hudson reported on his attendance at the conference. He reported that the various state coordinators reviewed their state's programs and provided excellent information concerning the IDP. Mr. Hudson noted that 58 people were currently enrolled in the IDP program, and recommended that a Board liaison or the state coordinator for IDP attend these meetings in the future. Mr. Hudson agreed to provide the current list of IDP enrollees. IDP application packets were given to the secretary for future use. The Board asked Mr. Bevans to review the speakers for the next conference and advise the Board in May whether he will be able to attend.


The Board discussed NCARB's proposed membership dues increase and WCARB's new reimbursement policies.


Mr. Green appeared and reviewed his application for licensure with the Board. Mr. Green explained that NCARB had lost the last segment of his IDP training record. He noted that duplicate records were sent to NCARB, but they require 30-60 days to process the information. Mr. Green asked the Board to approve his license should NCARB forward the information to the Bureau. The record shows Mr. Green began the exam process in 1994, prior to the requirement for the IDP. Subsequent to Board review, Mr. McLaughlin moved to issue Mr. Green's license upon receipt of NCARB's corrected IDP record; seconded by Mr. Bevans; motion carried. A letter will be sent to Mr. Green noting that, upon Bureau receipt of Mr. Green's NCARB file, a license will be issued.


The Board reviewed applications for licensure.

Mr. McLaughlin moved to enter executive session for the purpose of discussing potential Board appointments; Mr. Bevans seconded; motion carried.

Mr. McLaughlin moved to leave executive session; Mr. Bevans seconded; motion carried.

Mr. Bevans moved that all Board members who can, attend the WCARB meeting, Mr. Giltzow seconded, motion carried.

The Board adjourned for lunch at 12:15 and reconvened at 1:24. Mr. McLaughlin asked that the record show "lunch was mediocre."


Mr. Giltzow reported on the engineers standard for the electronic stamping of documents. He noted that AIA has asked if the Board will consider adoption of a similar standard. Mr. Giltzow explained the purpose was to allow the transmission of stamped documents electronically, with the original being maintained in the professional's office. Mr. McLaughlin advised that his office does not transmit plans electronically due to liability concerns. Mr. Giltzow presented materials to be copied for Board members for review and discussion at the next meeting.


Mr. Giltzow presented information from AIA concerning proposed education standards to be discussed at the March 1999 convention. Proposals include the integration of internship into degree education; offering license exams immediately after completion of degree; and adapting curriculum to practice application. Mr. Giltzow presented materials to be copied for Board members for review and discussion at the next meeting.

Mr. Giltzow asked that the record show the Board's appreciation for Ruth Swan-Brown's accomplishments in organizing and preparing Board business. The Board confirmed that appreciation.

The Board set the next regular meeting for May 21, 1999.

Mr. McLaughlin moved the Board adjourn; Mr. Bevans seconded; motion passed.

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