DATE:                 September 14, 2007

                   TO:                     Idaho State Board of Architectural Examiners 

                   FROM:                Bureau of Occupational Licenses


FY2008:  To date, two (2) complaints have been received. Of those, one (1) is pending legal review; and one (1) remains under investigation.

FY2007: Six (6) complaints were received. One (1) is pending legal review; three (3) remain under investigation; and two (2) await Board determination.

FY2006: Three (3) complaints were received.  Two (2) have been closed; and one (1) awaits Board determination.

FY-2005: Eleven (11) complaints were received. Ten (10) were closed following Board determination; and one (1) remains under investigation.

FY-2004: Nineteen (19) complaints were received. Thirteen (13) were closed following Board determination; three (3) were closed following Board disciplinary action; two (2) are pending legal review; and one (1) awaits Board determination.

Complaint issues:

Unlicensed practice = 10
Unlawful advertising = 10
Non-registered firm = 1
Misrepresentation = 2
Competence = 1
Unlawful use of stamp = 7
Fees / Agreements = 1
False application = 1
Conviction / Discipline = 7

For Board Determination:

ARC-P1A-3-2004-20                C alleged R was engaged in the unlicensed practice of ARC. INV revealed that R may be misleading the public regarding his credentials & practice. The file was sent to DAG for review and recommendation. Subsequent to DAG review, an advisory letter was issued cautioning R of unlawful activities and of the law. Based on the review and advisory from the Office of the Attorney General, IBOL recommends the Board authorize closure.

ARC-B1-1-2006-3                    C alleged that is practicing as an architect without a benefit of an Idaho license. C maintains R is stamping plans that do not meet codes; plans are vague - not enough detail - only 11 pages; no beam layout pages; corners of structure do not meet minimum distance to property line and street; scale does not match measurements; and site visit not conducted to establish grade or elevation. Sent cert letter requesting response by 9/13/2007. INV revealed that R was a draftsman under the supervision of a licensed engineer. INV did not reveal evidence of a violation. As the matter is beyond the jurisdiction of the Board, IBOL recommends the Board authorize closure.

ARC-B1-1-2007-4                    C alleged the R is doing business on an expired license. INV revealed that R had signed documents naming R as an architect during a time when R's license had been cancelled. IBOL records confirmed that R had notified IBOL that licensure would not be renewed and that practice has ceased. INV also revealed that R is licensed in another state. INV did reveal that R provided architectural services with a cancelled license. The file was sent to DAG for review. DAG review concluded that all work conducted by R was on residential structures that did not require licensure, and that R's activities were within the exemptions provided by statute. IBOL therefore recommends the Board authorize closure.

ARC-P2B-2-2007-5                    C alleged that R was hired in 2002 to process plans to convert a duplex into a single family residential home. C later discovered that R was never licensed as an ARC. C also alleged that R represented self to be the architect for the project during a a city council meeting regarding a re-zone of the duplex. IBOL records confirm that, though R's license had expired and been reinstated since issuance, it was current during the time in question; and that the project was residential in nature. INV also revealed that a civil dispute between the C & the R may have influenced the filing of the complaint. INV did not reveal evidence to support the allegations or of a violation. IBOL recommends the Board authorize closure.

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