DATE:                 December 2005 

                   TO:                     Idaho State Board of Architectural Examiners 

                   FROM:                Bureau of Occupational Licenses


FY2006: To date, two (2) complaints have been received, and assigned for investigation.

FY-2005: Eleven (11) complaints were received. Four (4) have been closed; three (3) remain under investigation; four (4) have been referred for legal review.

FY-2004: Nineteen (19) complaints were received. Seven (7) have been closed; five (5) were referred for legal review; five (5) remain under investigation; and two await Board determination.

ARC-L1A-4-04-4        C alleged that R misrepresented a business as an architectural firm. File was reviewed by the Office of the Attorney General and a letter was sent to R advising to cease and desist from using the word "architectural". DAG review concluded that a C & D letter was warranted. Cognizant Board member review confirmed the IBOL recommendation that a C&D letter be sent and the Board authorize closure and referral to the county prosecutor.

ARC-L4-4-04-5            C alleged R stamped the work prepared by an unlicensed person not under Rís direct supervision. INV did not reveal evidence to support the allegations. The Office of the Attorney General reviewed the file and determined no evidence was revealed to support the allegations and recommended closure. Based on the review of the Attorney General & cognizant Board member, IBOL recommends the Board authorize closure.


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