DATE:                 April 10, 2003 

                   TO:                     Idaho State Board of Architectural Examiners 

                   FROM:                John Kersey, Chief Investigator 


Fiscal Year 2003. Four (4) complaints have been received to date, all of which remain under investigation.  

Fiscal Year 2002.  Three (3) complaints were received, and two (2) remain under investigation.

Fiscal Year 2001. Ten (10) complaints were received. Of those; one (1) remains under professional review.

Complaints closed since the last meeting:

ARC-S6A-02-01-6.     Complainant reported that respondentís NCARB certificate had been revoked for violations in another jurisdiction. Attempted to numerous time to retrieve disciplinary action information from Colorado State. Investigation revealed that respondent entered into a disciplinary Consent Agreement, effective June 8, 1999, following several cases of preparing plans that did not meet UBC codes. Respondentís Idaho license has not been renewed since July 1, 2001.  Subsequent to legal review, the respondent's license file has been flagged and, upon attempt to renew, respondent will be required to provide proof of successful completion of the terms of the Consent Agreement. Case closed.

ARC-B4-02-00-6.     Respondent admitted, during the renewal process, to plan stamping violations in another jurisdiction.  Investigation revealed that the respondent had been issued a letter of reprimand.  Subsequent to legal review the file was closed without action.

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