DATE:                 December 20, 2002 

                TO:                     Idaho State Board of Architectural Examiners 

                FROM:                John Kersey, Chief Investigator 

                SUBJECT:          Complaint Investigation Report 


Fiscal Year 2003. One (1) complaint has been received to date, and it remains under investigation.  

Fiscal Year 2002.  Two (2) complaints were received and both remain under investigation.

Fiscal Year 2001. Nine (9) complaints were received. Of those; one (1) remains under investigation or legal review.  The closed complaints are detailed below.

Fiscal Year 2000. One (1) complaint remains under investigation.


ARC-L1-2-2001-1       Closed 04/06/2001       Complainant alleged respondent advertised "architecture" on letterhead. A search of BOL records failed to show a license for the individual. Investigation revealed the respondent, upon BOL investigator contact, made immediate  changes to advertising. The BOL received a new business card from the respondent. Case was closed without further action.

ARC-P5-2-2001-2       Closed   05/31/2001       Complainant alleged respondent was unethical regarding a contractual assignment. Respondent demanded payment for services prior to delivering finished product. The BOL received a letter from the complainant advising that the situation with the respondent had been resolved and requested that the complaint be withdrawn.

ARC-L1A-1-2001-8       Closed 09/21/2001       Complainant alleged practice prior to licensure in Idaho. Respondent was in the process of making application for licensure during the investigation. No evidence was discovered to support the allegations. Case was closed without action. Respondent was issued an Idaho license on 07/012001.

ARC-L1-3-2001-5       Closed 10/11/2001       Complainant alleged the school's drafting class is preparing project plans for a remodel of a public building. Investigation revealed the school's drafting class was not aware of the laws & rules governing the practice of architecture. When contacted by the BOL investigator they immediately stopped the project. Case was closed with warning letters.

ARC-L6A-2-2001-9       Closed 10/16/2001      Respondent admitted to a violation of failing to obtain CEUs for another jurisdiction. Respondent had entered into consent order for said violation. Idaho license remains in good standing. Case closed without action.

ARC-L1A-3-2001-7       Closed 12/12/2001        Complainant alleged respondent was practicing without benefit of licensure. An article appeared in a local trade magazine in which the respondent was referred to as a " local architect". Investigation revealed the respondent was employed by a local architectural firm and was fully aware of the laws & rules. The publication was at fault for labeling the respondent as an architect. Case was closed with a warning letter.

ARC-L1A-2-2001-4       Closed 12/12/2001        Complainant alleged respondent used "architectural" in advertising on business cards. Investigation revealed respondent is not a licensed architect. Respondent immediately made appropriate corrections by removing any reference to architects. Case closed with a warning letter.

ARC-L1-4-2001-3       Closed 02/25/2002       Complainant alleged unlicensed practice. Investigation revealed respondent had prepared plans for a large outbuilding/garage. The builder had submitted the plans to the local authorities to obtain a building permit. Investigation revealed no violations of the ARC act and the case was closed without action.

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