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Minutes of June 17, 2005 



ROLL CALL:    Therese Hahn, Chair
                        John Downey, Board Member
                        Jean Kuty, Board Member
                        Rosemary Yocum, Board Member
                        Donessa Horsewood, Board Member

Board Chair, Therese Hahn, called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.  Board members Rosemary Yocum and Donessa Horsewood were absent.   A quorum being present the Board reviewed and approved the minutes of February 11, 2005.

Bureau Chief, Rayola Jacobsen presented the legislative report and an update on the new responsibilities and work area remodel.   The new Boards assigned to IBOL are, Contractors Registration, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, and Naturopathic Medical Examiners, as well as the combined board of Speech and Hearing Services. Board member Jean Kuty then asked how the licensure of Naturopathic Medical Examiners would affect the licenses that are currently being issued in Bingham County.  Following discussion it was decided that research into the issue is needed.

Designation of Acupuncture Technicians was discussed, the conclusion by the Board was that the law works and there is no need to change.

Authorization of Acupuncturists to order blood work was the next item of discussion, the conclusion was that the issue is not specified in law or rule, the authority is limited however the establishment of the scope of authority would be helpful.

FAOMRA update was provided.  The Board met with an applicant with the conclusion to take the matter under advisement and render a decision at a later time.

Deputy Chief Budd Hetrick presented the financial report showing the Board well under budget, the budget for FY2005 was $34,000.00 the expenses for the year shown to be $23,548.30, with 69.26% of the budget having been spent by the 11th month of the fiscal year.


Mr. Hetrick presented the investigative report indicating that four (4) complaints have been received for fiscal year 2005 and under investigation.

Mr. Hetrick presented case ACU-P3C-2-2004-3 to the Board for review with a recommendation for closure.  Moved by Mr. Downey that the Board accept the Bureau's recommendation that complaint file ACU-P3C-2-2004-3 be closed with special instructions that the Bureau note on the records the fact that this case was a Chiropractic matter and not an Acupuncture matter.  Seconded by Ms. Kuty, motion carried.

The Board discussed potential law changes, with Board member Jean Kuty asking for an explanation regarding legislative process.  Agency Rules are submitted to the Department of Financial Management and the Office of the Governor by the first week in August.  Following approval of the Rules by these two entities the Rules are submitted to and published statewide by the Administrative Rules Division of the Department of Administration.  The agency Rules are then heard by the assigned legislative committee in the House of Representatives first and finally in the Senate.  The Legislative Committees that have been assigned the issues regarding Acupuncture in the past are the House Health and Welfare Committee and the Senate Commerce and Human Resources Committee.

As there was not further business the meeting was adjourned.


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