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Minutes of October 28, 2004

    Conference Call


ROLL CALL:    Therese Hahn, Chair

                        John Downey, Board Member

                        Jean Kuty, Board Member

                        Rosemary Yocum, Board Member

                        Donessa Horsewood, Board Member


BUREAU PRESENT:    Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                      Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                      Sandee Hitesman, Office Specialist II


The meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m. by Chair, Therese Hahn. 

Because there were some board members who did not have a chance to review the minutes from the October 08, 2004 board meeting, approval of these minutes was tabled until the next board meeting. 

Proposed language for legislation was reviewed.  Mr. Hales noted that using the term “physicians” in the proposed language would leave out some professions that the board wanted to include.  The board agreed to list the professions out in the proposed language. 

The board noted that the proposed language stated “registered nurse practitioner”.  The board had met with the State Board of Nursing regarding the language “registered nurse practitioner.”  The State Board of Nursing stated that they would agree with the term “Advanced Practice Professional Nurse’s.”  The board decided to strike the term “registered nurse practitioner”, and change it to “licensed advanced practice professional nurses.”

The board directed Ms. Jacobsen and Mr. Hales to meet with the State Board of Nursing to discuss what would be acceptable language for them, and do they want to be included at all in this language.  Ms. Jacobsen noted that this meeting would take place within the next two weeks.

The board decided to change proposed law 54-4707 (a) to state: “Possesses a doctor of Chiropractic, doctor of Dentistry, Doctor of podiatric medicine, or Naturopathic Doctor degree from an accredited college of university, or is an Advance Practice Professional Nurse Practitioner; and (b) "Has successfully completed an approved program consisting of a minimum of one hundred (100) hours of onsite didactic coursework, two hundred (200) hours of practice as a certified technician over a one (1) year period and twenty-five (25) case studies; and (c)  “Has successfully completed and passed a blood borne pathogen course and comprehensive examination concerning the practice of Acupuncture approved by the board, that incorporates clean needle techniques and OSHA procedures and requirements; or”  The board asked that the revised language be sent to them for review, before submitting to Representative Sali.

The board discussed the technician certificate.  It was noted that student’s who are obtaining their 200 hours of practice might be doing so without supervision, and without a license.  The board discussed proposing a law change to delete the technician certificate, and provide an exemption for students.  This exemption would need to state that the student would need to have direct and immediate supervision.  It was noted that with the technician certificate, the board could review the applicant’s supervisor and evaluate the applicant.  The board felt that the technician certificate was needed at this time.

The board discussed continuing education.  An affidavit has been sent with licensee’s renewal application asking them to list their continuing education for this renewal period.  The bureau is getting phone calls from licensee’s that have not completed their continuing education.  The board requested that the Bureau do a 10% continuing education audit.  Those who are audited, and cannot provide verification of meeting the continuing education requirement, may not renew that license.  The bureau asked for direction on how to proceed with the licensee’s who did not get audited, but do not have the required fifteen hours listed on the renewal form?  The board discussed that all Acupuncture licensee’s received notification that the continuing education law was going into effect.  Those licensee’s who have not completed their continuing education, should not have their licensed renewed.  It was argued that this is the first year that the continuing education was required, and a letter sent to those who were not audited, but didn’t get their continuing education could be sent out to remind them that they must complete their continuing education.

Motion was made by Ms. Yocum to continue the 10% continuing education audits, and to continue to send out the affidavit requiring all licensees’s to list the continuing education obtained.  Those licensee’s who were not audited, but did not obtain their fifteen hours of continuing education, the bureau will send them a letter reminding them that fifteen hours of continuing education is required, and should they be audited and be unable to provide verification of compliance with the continuing education rule, their license would be subject to disciplinary action.  Seconded by Ms. Kuty, carried.  The board asked if a copy of this letter could be sent to the board members.

Ms. Hahn asked Ms. Hitesman if the minutes from October 08, 2004 could have some changes made before review of these minutes at the next board meeting.

Motion was made by Ms. Kuty to go into executive session to consider potential litigation and items exempt from disclosure as provided in chapter 3, title 9, Idaho Code.  Seconded by Ms. Yocum, carried.

Motion was made by Ms. Kuty to come out of executive session.  Seconded by Mr. Downey, carried.

Motion was made by Dr. Downey to adjourn at 11:00.  Seconded by Ms. Yocum, carried.

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