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Minutes of November 24, 2003

Conference Call


ROLL CALL:      Therese Hahn, Chair

                        John Downey, Board Member

                        Jean Kuty, Board Member

                        Rosemary Yocum, Board Member

                        Rand Peebles, Board Member


ALSO PRESENT:         Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                   Budd Hetrick, Deputy Chief

                                   Sandee Hitesman, Office Specialist II


The meeting was called to order at 8:10 a.m. by Chair, Therese Hahn. 

Motion was made by Ms. Yocum to approve the meeting minutes from October 24, 2003 as written.  

Ms. Yocum withdrew her motion on the basis that some of the board members had not reviewed the minutes from October 24, 2003.  It was decided to review these minutes at the next scheduled board meeting.  

Ms. Jacobsen noted that the Bureau is currently in the process of renewing 12,000+ Cosmetology licenses.  The Bureau has hired a temporary employee to help with the renewals that are currently coming into the office.  This will be the Bureau’s last mass renewal, as license expiration dates have moved to the licensee’s birth-date.      

The Bureau has been receiving a large number of phone calls for licensing agencies that we do not handle.  Because these calls were so overwhelming for the switchboard, the bureau has installed an automated phone answering system.  Callers will now get a menu with a list of extensions to choose from.  The Bureau was able to receive parts to upgrade the phone system from Idaho Fish and Game at no charge.    

An application for licensure was reviewed.  The board agreed that the applicant had met all licensing requirements.  The applicant was approved for Acupuncture Licensure. 

A letter and transcripts sent to the board from two certification applicants were reviewed.  It was noted that both applicants had completed 12 ½ hours IAMA Acupuncture Orthopedics, 102 hours of medical acupuncture symposia, 200 hours of acupuncture preceptorship and 8 hours of  clean needle technique.  Rule 200 was reviewed. 

The Board reviewed applications.  It was noted that some of the board members do not feel that the curriculum the applicants completed covers enough to demonstrate proficiency.  It was noted that the board send a letter to the applicants asking them to submit verification of who taught each course, what was taught, where and when it was taught, and provide documentation of their case studies.  Verification sent in by the applicants showed they had completed 30 case studies.  It was noted that some courses that are accepted by Idaho are not accredited courses.  There does not seem to be any basis at this time to be able to make a decision on whether or not the courses taken by the applicants would be the same demonstration of proficiency required for other similarly qualified applicants.  

The board directed the bureau to have attorney, Mr. Hales, draft a letter to each of the applicants.  The board asked that the letters be approved by the board chairman and sent to the applicants on behalf of the board.  The board would like additional information concerning:

  1. 12 hours of Acupuncture Orthopedists. 
  2. 102 hours of Medical Acupuncture Symposium
  3. 200 hours of Acupuncture Preceptorship

In respect to each of these three categories please describe the following:

    1. Who taught the courses?
    2. Credentials and qualifications in Acupuncture training and teaching of each lecturer.
    3. What specifically comprised each class under category A and B?
    4. How many hours were dedicated to each class.
    5. Where and when was each class held?
    6. Please describe with particularly the case study process, who the supervisor was, and provide a copy of the case studies to the board. 
    7. Please describe the relationship between the two training facilities.  (Is  the course taught at the off campus facility accredited by the college?)

It was noted that there had not been any Acupuncture courses taken at the college.  All Acupuncture courses had been taken at the off campus facility.   Mr. Peebles asked the board to have Roger contact him with any questions he may have.  

The board directed the bureau to review other applicants that are certified who did not complete the AMARO course to review what education those applicants had received.  

A continuing education request was reviewed.  The course would be on neck and head anatomy focused toward acupuncture.  This person is requesting approval of 8 hours of continuing education credits for this course.  The board questioned the credentials of the speaker.  His application does demonstrate that he is a teacher at BSU.  The board asked that the bureau advise the requestor to obtain a letter from BSU listing the requestor’s total teaching hours, experience at BSU, and teaching capacity, (Associate Professor, Guest Speaker), as well as credentials, class structure, and class schedule from BSU.  It was noted that the NCCAOM does have a process in place for pre-approval of continuing education courses.  They ask for credentials, topics and time frame of course, which the applicant has submitted to the board.  The Bureau will also contact BSU via telephone to verify applicant’s credentials to speed up the process, and also request a letter for documentation.  

Motion was made by Mr. Downey to approve the course for continuing education based on a demonstration subject to his qualification as a BSU instructor.  Seconded by Ms. Kuty.  Carried.  

The continuing education approval application was discussed.  The board noted that there is not anyplace on the application for the content of the course.  The board asked that formalizing the continuing education approval application and discussion on approving continuing education speakers be put on the next agenda.  

Mr. Peebles left the meeting at 9:05 a.m. 

Acupuncture Title usage was discussed.  It has been determined that more certified acupuncturists are using the title “licensed acupuncturist”.  It was felt that the board should address this issue with the Acupuncture Association.  It was noted that the Bureau could send out a flyer or postcard to all acupuncturists reminding them of correct title usage.  Letters have been sent out in the past with all new licenses containing information on correct title usage.  The Board requested that a reminder on correct title usage be sent out with each renewed license.  This would minimize the telephone calls coming into the Bureau.  The bureau will also rewrite the letter sent out to all new acupuncturists, to include correct title usage, for the board’s review. 

Motion was made by Ms. Yocum to adjourn at 9:15 a.m.  Seconded by Ms. Kuty, carried. 

Mr. Downey left the meeting. 

The meeting was called back to order at 9:20 a.m. by chairman Ms. Hahn.  

Motion was made by Ms. Yocum to approve honorarium payments for conference call meetings along with on-sight meetings.  Seconded by Ms. Kuty, carried. 

Motion was made by Ms. Kuty to adjourn at 9:22 a.m.  Seconded by Ms. Yocum, carried.  

The following applications were approved for licensure: 

Dave Elvers

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