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Meeting Minutes of August 18, 2000

Chair Emi Miller, called the State Board of Acupuncture meeting to order at 9:55 a.m. at the Bureau of Occupational Licenses, Owyhee Plaza, 1109 Main Street, Suite 220, Boise, Idaho.

Roll Call:         Emi Miller, Chair

                        Rand Peebles, Board Member

                        Therese Hahn, Board Member

                        Maggie Blair, Board Member


Bureau Staff:     Thomas E. Limbaugh, Bureau Chief

                            Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                            John Kersey, Chief Investigator

                            Budd Hetrick, Deputy Chief

                            Dee Ann Randall, Administrative Secretary


Absent/Excused:     Jack Long, Board Member


Moved by Tess Hahn, seconded by Rand Peebles and carried that the minutes of the June 30, 2000 board meeting be approved as clarified, regarding the proposed joint meeting with the Chiropractor Board. The referenced meeting would be in regard to the acupuncture law.

Moved by Rand Peebles, seconded by Tess Hahn and carried that the minutes specifically identify, by application file number, those applications approved or rejected by the Board. The Board requests that all future minutes reflect this information.

Moved by Maggie Blair, seconded by Tess Hahn and carried that the June 30, 2000 board meeting minutes be approved with the addition of the application number of those applications the Board has approved or rejected.

Moved by Rand Peebles, seconded by Tess Hahn and carried that the minutes of the July 26, 2000 conference call be approved.

Election of Officers

Moved by Maggie Blair, seconded by Tess Hahn and carried to defer the election of the Chair of the Board until all board members can be present. The reason being that Dr. Jack Long, as the representative of the Chiropractor community, should be present for the election of officers.

Board/Bureau Contract

Copies of the FY2001 Board/Bureau contract was distributed and reviewed by the Board. Mr. Hetrick stated that there are no substantial changes from last year’s contract. He pointed out that the cost of services has changed, as well as the method used to figure the indirect costs to the Board. For example, the photocopy machine is set up to identify the number of copies made for each board.

Moved by Rand Peebles, seconded by Tess Hahn and carried that the Board direct the Chair to sign the contract.

Financial Report

Mr. Hetrick reviewed the financial report with the Board; their current fund balance is $41,465.

Moved by Rand Peebles, seconded by Tess Hahn and carried that the Board submit a budget request for board travel and education obtained from board travel in the amount of $3,000 per year. Moved by Maggie Blair, seconded by Tess Hahn and carried that the motion be amended to be $4,000.

Complaint Report

John Kersey reported that to date, one (1) complaint has been received alleging unlicensed practice. A bureau investigator contacted the respondent shortly after the complaint was received. The respondent made application for and was subsequently granted a license to practice acupuncture. Investigation has been closed.

John Kersey discussed with the Board the procedure for non-compliance with the law. Mr. Kersey stated that the investigative unit, rather than the Board, prepares letters to individuals regarding complaint matters. He also advised that individual Board members may also file complaints and send them to the Bureau in writing. He noted that complaining board member should probably then recuse themselves from any further Board involvement in the complaint.

Review of Rule Changes and Possible Law Changes

The Board reviewed the proposed changes to their rules and, with minor changes, authorized the Bureau to proceed with adoption.

The Board discussed working on the law at the next several board meetings to clarify the issue of hours needed for certification level. As there seems to be confusion among the applicants requesting certification, and as the applicants are coming from a variety of schools and professional programs which were unknown at the time of the creation of the law, and as the legislature requested uniformity and the setting of clear standards for each level of licensure, and as the levels of educational requirements for "full membership" in the IAMA is changing each year, it seems prudent that the Board take the responsibility for clarifying and defining the requirements for certification within the law, and eliminating the mention of any individual school or professional program.

Executive Session

Moved by Tess Hahn, seconded by Maggie Blair and carried the Board go into executive session to review applications, the time being 1:15 p.m.

Moved by Tess Hahn, seconded by Maggie Blair the Board comes out of executive session at 3:25 p.m.

The Board approved three (3) applications for licensure, four (4) applications for certification, seven (7) applications were deferred and one (1) application was denied.

Upon approval of the Board, the following licenses were issued:

Licensed Acupuncturists

Carlito Rho G. Zaragza ACU-104

Jerry K. Garner ACU-105

Rebecca M. Hawkins ACU-108

Certified Acupuncturists

Dana Liljenquist ACC-102

Pat DeSmet ACC-103

James W. Wear ACC-106

Daniel C. Mecham ACC-107

Next Meeting Date

The next meeting date was set for November 17, 2000 to begin at 9:30 a.m.

Moved by Rand Peebles, seconded by Maggie Blair the meeting adjourns at 3:30 p.m.

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