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Minutes of March 22, 2000


Chair Emi Miller, called the State Board of Acupuncture meeting to order at 9:17 a.m. at the Bureau of Occupational Licenses, Owyhee Plaza, 1109 Main Street, Suite 220, Boise, Idaho. 

Roll Call:          Emi Miller, Chair

                        Rand Peebles, Board Member

                        Therese Hahn, Board Member

                        Maggie Blair, Board Member

                        Jack Long, Board Member


Bureau Staff:    Thomas E. Limbaugh, Bureau Chief

                        Budd Hetrick, Jr., Deputy Bureau Chief

                        Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                        Dee Ann Randall, Administrative Secretary



The Board discussed the draft minutes of the January 21, 2000 board meeting.  Moved by Rand Peebles, seconded by Maggie Blair and carried that the minutes of the January 21, 2000 board meeting be approved with the amendment that Maggie Blair (instead of Jack Long) is to contact NCCAOM for booklets on their requirements for taking their national examination.


Financial Report 

Mr. Limbaugh reviewed the financial report with the Board.  Their current cash balance is $13,856.  The $12,000 appropriation was approved, however, their legal costs have exceeded their budget, and, to date, no board members expenses have been reimbursed. 

Mr. Limbaugh reviewed correspondence received from JFAC advising agencies that requests for appropriation for new programs must be submitted and approved before money is spent. Requests for programs started in anticipation of an appropriation will not be approved. 

Mr. Limbaugh informed the Board that it would not be necessary to submit a budget request for funds to subsidize continuing education.  The Board can authorize such payments by motion. 

Vouchers were given to the board members to complete for reimbursement of board expenses.   

Section 54-4709, Idaho Code, Waiver of Requirements   

Discussion was held regarding Section 54-4709, Idaho Code, Waiver of Requirements.  Roger Hales discussed with the Board the requirements of an applicant applying for licensure under this section of the law.  Applicants must provide the Board with a current copy of their states laws and rules in order for the Board to establish if their standards for licensure are considered to be equivalent to the requirements for licensure pursuant to Idaho law. Applicant must also submit a completed application, necessary fees, and certification of current licensure in the other state, and the Board also requests submission of their official training transcripts. 

Mr. Hetrick asked if the Bureau would be authorized to issue these types of licenses without bringing them before the Board for review.  The Board will review all applications, including those applying through the waiver of requirements provision.  

Application Deadline Date 

Mr. Hetrick discussed with the Board that on their application, the Board has established a deadline date for filing applications.  There is no reference in their laws or rules regarding an application filing deadline date.  Although there is no reference in law or rule regarding an application filing deadline date, the Board will continue to require applications be received at least thirty (30) days prior to the next regularly scheduled board meeting. 


Mr. Hetrick informed the Board that the applications for license/certificate renewal would be mailed out approximately May 15, 2000. 

Board Reappointments 

Discussion was held regarding reappointment of board members.  Rand Peebles term will expire on July 1, 2000.  Mr. Limbaugh informed the Board that the Bureau would contact the Governor’s Office notifying them of the term expiration.  Should Mr. Peebles desire to be reappointed, it is recommended that he send a letter to the Governor stating this.  The Governor’s office will be advised of the requirements in the Acupuncture law regarding board appointments. 

54-4712, Idaho Code 

Discussion was held regarding Section 54-4712, Idaho Code, Use of Titles.  Roger Hales was asked for his opinion regarding this section of the law.  Being a licensed or certified acupuncturist does not allow for that individual to use the title “Doctor” unless an individual is otherwise allowed to use the title by some other provision of law. 

The Board asked if disciplinary action could be taken against an acupuncturist advertising and calling himself or herself a “doctor”.  In reviewing the acupuncture law, Mr. Hales stated that there is nothing in their law that allows for disciplinary action for false advertisement. 

54-4710, Idaho Code, Fees 

A comparison of the fee schedule listed in Idaho Code 54-4710 and Board Rule 300 was reviewed.  It appears that the law and rules do not coincide with each other.  However, Mr. Hales stated that although the law and rules do not coincide exactly, all fees are established and within the purview of the law. 

Board Sending Funds to the Idaho Acupuncture Association 

The Board discussed sending $3,000 to the Idaho Acupuncture Association to help with Consumer Education and/or continuing education requirements to meet NCCAOM criteria. Mr. Hales stated that the Board did have the authority and basis to send the Association $3,000.00 for continuing education.  The primary charge of the Board is to insure the competency of licensees.  Even though the law/rules do not require continuing education, the Board’s support of continuing education would not detract from the Board’s mandate. 

It was the general consensus of the Board that funds should be used for consumer education, not continuing education.  Also, that if the Board does send funds, they should be specific to the Association as to the use of the money. 

It was the decision of the Board to postpone sending funds to the Association at this time until after expense vouchers have been submitted and all the board members have been reimbursed for their board expenses to date.  If there are any funds available at that time, the Board will again discuss this matter. 

Board Meeting Date 

The next board meeting is scheduled for June 30, 2000 and will begin at 9:30 a.m. 

American Society of Acupuncture 

The Board reviewed the requirements for the American Society of Acupuncture and a letter is to be sent to them regarding their requirements and questions asked in their letter to the Board.  The Board drafted a letter of response.  This draft is to be reviewed by the Board before sending. 

Emi Miller will send a letter to John Downey, D.C. informing him of the requirements to be met by chiropractors to obtain their acupuncture certification.  

The Board reconvened from lunch at 2:00 p.m.  Rand Peebles is absent, excused from the remainder of the board meeting. 

Follow-up Letter to Individuals Who Have Not Submitted Applications 

The Board dictated a letter to be sent to individuals who have not submitted applications for licensure/certification as of this date.  The Board provided the Bureau with a list of names to send applications to regarding the Acupuncture Law and advising them to submit for licensure/certification to practice acupuncture. 

The Bureau was asked to send the above letter and another application to all individuals on the lists who have not as of this date submitted applications for review. 

Establishing Equivalent Requirements for Licensure/Certification 

Mr. Hetrick assisted the Board in preparing a draft rule change outlining the equivalent requirements for licensure/certification.  The finished draft will be sent to each Board member, and will be reviewed at a future conference call or meeting. 

Board Correspondence 

The Board reviewed several letters submitted to them regarding acupuncture and informed the Bureau as to responses to any questions. 

Executive Session 

Moved by Dr. Long, seconded by Maggie Blair and carried that the Board go into executive session to review applications, the time being 4:04 p.m. 

Moved by Tess Hahn, seconded by Dr. Long and carried that the Board come out of executive session at 4:35 p.m. 

Applications Reviewed 

The Board reviewed nine (9) applications and approved seven (7) for licensure and two (2) for certification.

Upon approval of the Board, the following licenses were issued: 

Lisa Lintner                          ACU-36

Feng-Ling Wang                    ACU-37

John L. Alderman                 ACU-38

Bruce David Eichelberger     ACU-39

Yong Sup Lee                       ACU-40

Eva Hynes                            ACU-41

Daniel J. Farley                    ACU-42

Alan Fox                               ACC-43

Freddie Lee Sermon              ACC-44


Moved by Tess Hahn, seconded by Dr. Long and carried the meeting adjourn at 5:00 p.m.

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