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Minutes of January 21, 2000

Chair Emi Miller, called the State Board of Acupuncture meeting to order at 9:25 a.m. at the Bureau of Occupational Licenses, Owyhee Plaza, 1109 Main Street, Suite 220, Boise, Idaho.

Roll Call: Emi Miller, Chair; Rand Peebles; Maggie Blair; Jack Long; 

Bureau Staff: Thomas E. Limbaugh, Bureau Chief; Budd Hetrick, Jr., Deputy Bureau Chief; Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney; John Kersey, Supervising Investigator; Dee Ann Randall, Administrative Secretary

Absent, Excused: Therese Hahn


Moved by Maggie Blair, seconded by Rand Peebles and carried that the minutes of the November 12, 1999 board meeting be approved.

Financial Report

Mr. Limbaugh reviewed the financial report with the Board. Currently their cash balance is $11,046.00. Mr. Limbaugh explained the appropriation process and the need for their expenses to balance with their income and to be consistent.

The Board had asked if they could pay Representative Bill Sali a fee for his services rendered to them. Mr. Limbaugh circulated to the Board members a copy of 67-406b. Idaho Code and recommended that they seek a legal opinion before pursuing this issue any further.

Emi Miller asked if money could be available to reimburse expenses for a board member to attend a national meeting. Mr. Limbaugh informed her that this could be done if the Board budgets for these expenses. Notation should be made in the board minutes of the meeting and how many board members would be attending a national meeting.

Reimbursement for Board Members Expenses

Budd Hetrick explained that the way the law is written, the allowed honorarium of $50 per day for board business is considered salary. Therefore, board members are required to become members of the state retirement system (PERSI). When members receive the honorarium, the state contributes to the Board memberís PERSI account.

The Employee Information System (EIS) will not set up a Board member, for reimbursement of expenses, until they are signed up in PERSI. Mr. Hetrick suggested that the board members complete applications for PERSI membership, therefore allowing EIS to then set them up, so expense reimbursements can be paid. Each Board member can then decide if they want to accept the honorarium. Mr. Hetrick recommended that the Board allow the bureau to submit legislation that would exempt the board from PERSI.

Moved by Rand Peebles, seconded by Jack Long and carried that the Board reimburses Therese Hahn for expenses incurred in coming to Boise on January 14, 2000. Ms. Hahn spent the entire day in the bureau office reviewing acupuncture board business and applications.

Complaint Report

John Kersey informed the Board that the bureau to date has received no acupuncture complaints.

Executive Session

Moved by Rand Peebles, seconded by Maggie Blair and carried that the Board go into executive session to discuss possible litigation, the time being 9:55 a.m.

Moved by Maggie Blair, seconded by Jack Long and carried that the Board comes out of executive session at 11:20 a.m.

Oriental Bodywork Therapists

It was the opinion of Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney that the definition of the practice of acupuncture in Idaho Code includes oriental bodywork therapy and the Board can regulate said practice. No board action at this time.

The Board discussed acquiring information from the various organizations/entities listed in the law for licensure/certification requirements. Maggie Blair will contact NCCAOM and request their booklets containing information on their requirements for taking their national examination. Dr. Long will contact the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture Inc. for their official publication on the requirements for fellowship.

Wall Certificates

Emi Miller provided the Board with drafts of wall certificates for licensed, certified and technician acupuncturists for their review. Moved by Rand Peebles, seconded by Maggie Blair and carried that the Board adopts the wall certificates as modified. Emi Miller will order the certificates and as soon as they are available, the bureau will prepare the certificates for the board members signatures.

Annual Meeting of the National Alliance

Moved by Dr. Long, seconded by Rand Peebles and carried that the Board reimburse Emi Miller expenses incurred for attending the annual meeting of the National Alliance to be held in San Francisco, California on May 5, 2000.

Board Meeting Dates

The following dates were set for board meetings for the year: April 28, 2000, August 18, 2000 and November 10, 2000.

Moved by Rand Peebles, seconded by Maggie Blair and carried that the Board adjourn for lunch.

Board reconvened at 1:30 p.m.

Idaho Code 54-4712 "Titles"

John Kersey was asked about the use of the title "Dr." in regards to acupuncture licensure/certification. Mr. Kersey recommended that the Board ask for a legal opinion regarding this matter. Mr. Kersey explained the complaint procedure for advertising violations and unlicensed practice. He noted that other boards send a cease and desist letter and, if there is a continued violation, the matter is turned over the appropriate prosecuting attorney.

Report From Jack Long

Logan Chiropractic College and New York Chiropractic Colleges are accredited through the Council on Chiropractic Education, and John Amaroís acupuncture course has been approved for chiropractor continuing education for license renewal.

Rand Peebles will draft a letter to International Academy of Medical Acupuncture, Inc. requesting information on their course curriculum regarding fellowship.

Executive Session

Moved by Maggie Blair, seconded by Dr. Long and carried that the Board go into executive session for review of applications, the time being 2:50 p.m.

Moved Dr. Long, seconded by Rand Peebles the Board come out of executive session at 5:00 p.m.

The Board reviewed fifteen (15) applications and approved eight (8) for licensure and two (2) for certification.

Upon approval of the Board, the following licenses were issued:

Gwen C. Miller ACU-27

Anthony D. Borgerding ACU-28

Jana Lee Gattung ACU-29

Hans T. Asmussen ACU-30

Rui Min Liu ACU-31

Karen Young ACU-32

Sherril Gold ACU-33

Eric V. Boughton ACC-34

Charles C. Wilcher ACC-35

Moved by Dr. Long, seconded by Rand Peebles and carried that the meeting adjourn at 5:15 p.m.

Approved 3/22/2000


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