DATE:                      February 6, 2004

TO:                            Idaho State Board of Acupuncture

SUBJECT:              Complaint/Investigation Report


Fiscal Year 2004: To date, two (2) complaints have been received and are under investigation. 

Fiscal Year 2003: Four (4) complaints were received. Of those, one (1) has been closed, and three (3) await Board determination.  

 ACU-L1-4-2003-4            C alleged R, a licensed chiropractor, was performing acupuncture without benefit of ACU licensure. IBOL records did not contain an ACU record for R.  When contacted by the investigator, R admitted not being licensed to practice ACU in Idaho, but that an application was being worked on. R further agreed to cease and desist until obtaining a license. Based on R's cooperation, IBOL recommends Board authorize an advisory letter & closure.

ACU-L2A-4-2003-3            C alleges R is representing himself as a licensed acupuncturist. Investigation revealed that R advertises by using the designation "LAC" (Licensed Acupuncturist Certified). License search reveals R holds a current license as a certified acupuncturist. IBOL recommends the Board authorize closure without action. 

ACU-L1-4-2003-2            C alleged misrepresentation of credentials in R's web site. The C alleges that the federal Government has incorporated web sites as an offical form of signage and the requirement of a Privacy Notice be posted on any web site maintained by a health care provider should disclose the credentials. 
The web site is " (R's last name) Natural Medicine Physicians" and contained references to acupuncture, however did R did not disclose any certification or licensure. C believes advertsiement is misleading. Search of BOL records reveals R is certified. When contacted by the investigator, the R immediately closed down the web site. IBOL recommends the Board authorize closure with an advisory letter.

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